Tuesday, October 27, 2020

UTAH STATE BJJ 2020 - Safety Protocol for Covid - 19


UTAH STATE BJJ 2020 - Safety Protocol for Covid - 19
We just got what we hope will be the final details for Saturday tournament:
●Masks or face shields will be required to be worn inside the building and can only be removed for your matches.
●Every athlete is eligible to bring ONE coach or companion; no other spectators will be allowed. They must enter the venue with the competitor. Please try to stick around your friends and teammates as much as possible to practice some social distancing.
●Try to limit hand shaking with acquaintances and strangers off the mats, and practice hand washing throughout the event.
●For the sake of all competitors and staff, please check your temperature BEFORE coming to the event. If there are any signs of symptoms or high temperature, please remain at home and contact your health provider. This is extremely important for everyone involved.